I have been teaching cadaver-based human gross anatomy for medical students and undergraduates for the past six years. The courses and location at which I have taught includes:

  • First Year Medical School Human Gross Anatomy (BIOL 3644 IMS I). Brown University
  • Undergraduate Human Anatomy (BIO 203). Westminster College, MO
  • Undergraduate Human Gross Anatomy (PTH_AS 2201). University of Missouri
  • First Year Medical School Human Gross Anatomy (PTH_AS 7222), University of Missouri

Additionally, I have been actively involved in mentoring undergraduate researchers at the Holliday Lab (MU) and at the Gatesy Lab (Brown).



I have engaged in a number of scientific public outreach events. Additionally, I dedicate much of my artistic skills and interests to create virtual and physical tools for inspiring public interest and understanding in evolutionary biology, functional morphology, and paleontology. Some of my past and ongoing outreach projects include:

  • Dinosaur Day: Meet Dilophosaurus and Carnotaurus. Dinosaur State Park and Arboretum, Rocky Hill, CT
  • Extinctions and Survivors: macroevolution and the great transitions of life: a guest lecture in AP Environmental Science, Los Alamitos High School. Los Alamitos, CA
  • Dinosaurs and Cavemen: a public outreach presentation on vertebrate paleontology and anthropology. Rockbridge High School. Columbia, MO
  • Hearts and Lungs Anatomy, as part of Summers@Mizzou Scrub-In to Healthcare program, University of Missouri
  • Adventures in Education: a grades K-12 level presentation on vertebrate functional anatomy and paleontology, University of Missouri
  • Young Medics Camp, a K-10 level presentation on human anatomy. University of Missouri
  • Collaboration with Anatomy in Clay® Learning System to produce detailed anatomical models of Alligator mississippiensis
  • 6th grade biology student letter correspondent “How to be a Paleontologist”. Columbia, MO
  • 9th grade biology student letter correspondent at San Clemente High School. San Clemente, CA
  • Inside Alligator: Vertebrate Anatomy, Function and Paleontology. University of Missouri, MO

Henry P. Tsai, Ph.D.



105A Biomedical Sciences Building

Dept. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Brown University

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Mailing Address:

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